Smart cat wakes his human up to get breakfast

What does your cat do when he’s all up and hungry? Mine has perfected the Vulcan stare, when he sits close to me and stares, and stares, and stares until I hear a voice in my head “Feed me! Feed me MEOW!” Oh yes, that tabby can go at great lengths to get what he wants.

And he’s not alone — check out the kitten shamelessly hanging on his master’s bowl of cereal. He shows that the food craving catitude starts at a very young age… Hang in there, kitty!
Kitten hanging on a bowl

There are other cats though, who are smarter and more respectful 🙂 Like this cute little tuxedo fellow who devised several ways of being the best alarm clock for his humans:

Isn’t he adorable? Find more amusing cat videos on Felix’s youtube channel.

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